Architecture was his destiny.

The son of a Naval Aviator who was a mathematician and a woodworking hobbyist, C.P.’s entire life prepared him for a career in architecture. Spending long hours with his dad on DIY home projects, C.P. learned how to build, with a mathematician’s precision, every facet of a home.

While he shares his father’s love for mathematics and physics (C.P. tutored students throughout college), those skills lie in the shadow of his extroverted personality. If you’ve met him, you know what I’m talking about. He’s the funniest person ever. And he’s got the people-skills of his mother’s family…the Mercer family. Extroverts. All of them. And the most fun family to be around. Always the life of the party!

C.P., at age 17, made his first priority serving his country and enlisted in the Louisiana Army National Guard. Following Basic Training at Fort Dix, New Jersey and Engineering School at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, C.P. returned to home to attend Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, his entire education funded by the LA Army National Guard.

In 1989, C.P. was named the LA National Guard’s Soldier of the Year. This honor was followed by another as he was selected to attend Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, GA, the only LA National Guardsman selected for the Army program that year. He went on to serve as platoon leader, commanding units engaged in construction of buildings, roads, and bridges. At a young age, he gained vast experience in construction and engineering through his military service.

As a freshman at LSU, he applied for and was granted admission to the LSU School of Art + Design’s Architecture program, and the journey began. In 1993, he graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Upon graduation, C.P. moved to Phoenix, Arizona to begin his career in architecture.

C.P. launched Drewett Works in 2001 and has amassed a vast portfolio focusing on luxury residential, hospitality, and commercial projects. His work has been published in magazines such as The Robb Report, Phoenix Home & Garden, AZ Foothills Magazine, Western Interiors, Luxe Magazine, and InMexico, to name a few. Additionally, his projects have won countless awards, including Home of the Year (2018) and Room of the Year (2019) at the Best in American Living Awards. In 2024, C.P. was named to Phoenix Home & Garden’s 2024 class of Masters of the Southwest–a prestigious honor that was handed out to only five individuals. For more on C.P.’s journey, check out his podcast with BUILD Magazine.

The Renaissance Man

A Renaissance man is defined as “a man who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences.” A perfect description of my husband, he is that one guy you know that simply defies any label. Here are some Little Known Facts About C.P. Drewett that will confirm, once and for all, that the one label that fits is “Renaissance Man.”

  • C.P., were he not an architect, would be a chef. All the men in his family are amazing cooks. In fact, C.P. won an Iron Chef-styled battle with the chef at Squire Creek Country Club in Choudrant, Louisiana. The secret ingredient was strawberries.
  • In the spring of 2010, C.P. checked “completing a Triathalon” off his bucket list.
  • C.P. enjoys duck hunting, putting to good use his expert marksmanship skills (an award-winning marksman in his platoon). Duck hunting is followed by a delicious dinner including bacon-wrapped duck breast and duck l’orange. We always eat what he kills.
  • C.P. is an accomplished vocalist with a 3-octave range encompassing Tenor 2 all the way down to Bass. We both sing in the Sanctuary Choir and Camelback Singers at Camelback Bible Church in Paradise Valley, AZ. His favorite work is “Gloria” by John Rutter. He enjoys singing anything from spirituals to Bach Cantatas. He was an award-winning soloist and held the lead in two high school productions.
  • He can name any tune in about 5 seconds. He’s a real-life Shazam app.
  • He has the hearing of a dog. No, I’m not joking. His hearing is so sensitive that he hears things normal human beings do not hear. This has even been verified by a hearing test.
  • He has an extremely heightened sense of smell. He can smell food and identify every ingredient. This is what makes him a great chef. This is not a good trait to have on certain occasions. Take, for example, dog poop on the bottom of a shoe. There is no way to erase every trace so that he can’t smell it. Just throw those shoes away.
  • C.P. ended his career with the National Guard in 1999 following the birth of our son, Langdon. He served his country for 14 years and earned the rank of Captain.
  • Being left-handed runs in every generation of his mother’s family. His Uncle Mike is a lefty, CP is a lefty, and our daughter Reagan is a lefty. All three are very artistic and creative!
  • The most rewarding building project of his career was an orphanage in Uganda which he helped build, during a mission trip, with his own hands. He left his Bible and his boots with a Ugandan worker who wept at the generosity of the gift.
  • In August of 2001, C.P. and my father participated in the third living-donor liver transplant in the history of Mayo Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. C.P., miraculously, was a perfect match with my father, from type-of-blood down to circumference of veins and arteries entering and exiting the liver. The transplant was truly a gift of life for my father, extending his life two more years. 80% of C.P.’s liver (the right lobe) was transplanted into my father. C.P.’s remaining liver (left lobe) regrew to full size within 4 to 6 weeks.
  • C.P. and I have spent the last 31 years together and celebrated 26 years of marriage in January 2020. We have two children: a son, Langdon (age 21) and a daughter, Reagan (age 15).

Business Man & Project Advocate

First and foremost, C.P. is an engaging leader. With the discipline of his military background as the driving force for get-it-done effectiveness, he manages his projects and his team at Drewett Works with precision. While his engaging personality, Southern charm, and sense of humor are the hallmarks of his client interaction, his expertise in construction, engineering, and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of his interaction with those in the industry.

His problem-solving skill set makes him a favorite with contractors and sub-contractors alike. His devotion to the welfare of his client’s project not only protects their investment, but also ensures that excellence is demonstrated in every facet of construction. He works collaboratively, empowering his team to achieve a final project that frequently earns publication.

I’ll be honest with you…he’s not perfect. And neither are you. And neither am I. But he is the most creative (way-outside-the-box-creative) person I’ve ever met who knows more stuff about more stuff than anyone I’ve ever known (he will kill you at Trivial Pursuit). He really cares about people, how they live, and the quality of their lives. And that is what fuels his design. He wants to make life better through design, creating inspirational spaces where we can live, love, and create.

Written with great affection…and a few giggles,

— Elizabeth Haynes Drewett