Elizabeth Haynes Drewett

As best friends and partners-in-crime, CP and I have worked alongside one another for our entire careers, as business partners, mentors, coaches, and sounding boards. His extraordinary creativity is the yin to my organized and meticulous yang. Quite honestly, I couldn’t imagine a day without him.

So what is my role at Drewett Works? Well, CP is the architect/visionary and I do everything else. That ranges from accounting, public relations, advertising, and contract writing to laundry, emptying trash, and any other necessary evils to keep the wheels on this bus!

My favorite role is writer. I enjoy taking images of his work and translating that into something you and I can see and read about. Getting his work into the hands of those that will appreciate it and love it like I do is the most rewarding part of my day.

Additionally, I serve as den mother for the Drewett Works team. I love the idiosyncrasies and quirks that go along with creative minds, and I enjoy being surrounded by it every day. Sometimes it’s like herding cats. But most days, it’s truly inspiring.

I am, by training, a musician and a writer. I hold a BFA in piano performance from LA Tech University located in my hometown of Ruston, Louisiana. I also hold a BA in Journalism with a major in Advertising and a minor in Political Science from LSU. It was while a student at LSU that I first met CP, both of us victims of a blind date arranged by fellow FIJI/Phi Mu friends. Apparently, the blind date thing worked out.

I have spent my career exploring many areas of my collegiate training including sports marketing (PING Golf Equipment, Phoenix Suns), entrepreneurship (Studio2, Spring Media USA, Drewett Works), music (Studio2, Camelback Bible Church), and marketing (all of the above). My first job after college at PING Golf Equipment encompassed all that I still do today…writing/photography/design…but the subject matter I’ve covered over the years has varied from sports to music to marketing to wellness-based medicine to architecture.


A few interesting facts about me…

  • During my Spring Media USA days (2010-2014), my team and I brought home 27 Addy Awards including a Best of Show, Best of Interactive Media (2 times), and a Judges Award (Stopped the Judges in Their Tracks). While every award was treasured, my favorite one was a Best of Interactive 2013 award for THIS website!
  • I was Miss Louisiana 1992. After six tries for the title (a record I still hold) and 3 years as 2nd Runner-Up (I seem to be very good at almost but not quite), I finally achieved my childhood goal of wearing the tiara that represents scholarship, talent, and community involvement. I earned in excess of $40,000 in college scholarships. During my year of service, I raised funds and awareness about early detection of breast cancer. I remain close to many of the women with whom I competed in the Miss America pageant. They have gone on to amazing feats such as arguing cases before the Supreme Court, hosting on national networks such as CNN, QVC, and JTV, and one is Secretary of Tourism for the state of Wisconsin. They were (and are) amazing, and I am honored to be counted in their number.
  • I am an only child and have two first cousins who are also only children. I made a vow that I would not have an only child…and so we have two! Langdon is 16. Reagan, the princess of the house, is 10.
  • I LOVE CHORAL MUSIC! I have sung in choirs my entire life including while a student at LSU. I had the distinct honor of being in the LSU A Capella Choir under the directorship of the legendary Dr. Kenneth Fulton. We toured Germany/Czechoslovakia/Austria and were the first collegiate choir invited to sing during mass at the Dome Cathedral of Salzburg (famous as the setting for the Sound of Music). Dr. Fulton had a tremendous impact on me as I have spent most of the past 14 years directing both children’s and adult choirs at Camelback Bible Church in Paradise Valley, AZ.
  • I am a technology nerd disguised as a girly girl. I may not look the part, but I love taking technology and applying it to life. Efficiency makes me happy.
  • I am a Bible history nut and love studying the Old Testament and World History. My dad was a great lover of history as well, and that love has been passed on to my son, Langdon (16), who is especially fond of Athenian battles. His interest dates back to a Social Studies project he did in 4th grade on the Battle at Thermopylae while I was doing a Bible Study on the book of Esther. Did you know that Esther was married to Xerxes?
  • I am a wellness nut and lover of essential oils and pharmaceutical grade vitamins. I buy organic and local, whenever possible, especially when grocery shopping for my favorite chef.
  • I am a nationally certified teacher of music in piano (NCTM) per MTNA standards.
  • A perfect day for me begins chauffeuring around my kiddos. Then after a 5-6 hour stint in the DW office, I head out for more kid activities. Then my could-have-been-a-chef hubby comes home and makes an amazing meal for the family. The perfect day also includes some patio time, good conversation with the family, and a nice glass of wine from one of my favorite Napa vineyards. Wait a minute. This describes every day of my life. Oh my! I am so blessed.