Andrej Pyndzyn – Architect-in-Training

An aspiring architect intrigued by automation and design, Ukranian-born Andrej spent most of his life in Prague, Czech Republic, where he went to International High School and perfected his English.

In 2017, he earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture from Czech Technical University. That same year, with passport in hand, he headed to Arizona State University and, two years later, earned his master’s in architecture.

Highly driven in all that he does, Andrej learned the importance of discipline and hard work after his parents put him on a “rowing rack” when he was in his early teens. He loves to box and trains regularly, but his main goal is to focus on architecture, learning new software skills and designing efficient and interesting structures.

Want to learn more about Andrej? Read on.

Describe your family. My family is a traditional Christian Ukrainian family. Both parents grew up back in the USSR. My dad is a war vet and engineer, and my mom was a teacher (accountant now). They became young parents right when the USSR fell, and they were thrown into adult life very early as Eastern Europe was just a “Wild East” in the 90s. We moved as a whole family to the Czech Republic in 2001. I have a younger brother with whom I did many sports activities as a teenager and young adult. We both did breakdancing and then boxing. We won a couple of dance battles together, and there are videos on YouTube. At some point, while boxing, we wanted to fight each other, but our mom called our coach and told him to forbid us even from sparring.

What is your favorite memory? Childhood—being careless and growing up in a typical Czech neighborhood.

 What was your most favorite/memorable job as a teenager? I was working as a taxi driver in the summer of 2012. It was a service that would pick up inebriated customers and their cars and get them home with their vehicles. I got to drive some cool cars, including a Ferrari.

How did you become interested in architecture? I was pretty good at drawing in high school. Plus, for my International General Certificate of Secondary Education, I had to choose between chemistry and art—I chose art, which led me to pursue architecture.

Proudest moment? Getting a bachelor’s degree from my undergrad school because it was considered one of the most challenging faculties in the Czech Republic, and having the feeling of passing was incredible.

Was there a particular moment when you knew architecture was your destiny? Pretty recently when I got my Green Card. I realized architecture helped me achieve what I wanted, so I started focusing all my energy on it.

What about architecture drew you to the U.S.? My profession. Europe is exceptionally well-built, meaning there is only a little space to build more. That doesn’t mean there is no new construction, but it’s nothing compared to the U.S. And someday, I’d like to design my own skyscraper.

What aspect of your profession do you enjoy most? Talking to clients and learning their stories.

Favorite architect? Jonathan Segal—he is an architect and developer. He buys land, designs the building, which he finances himself, and then sells or rents it. This is very impressive to me.

Free time activities? Boxing, exercising, self-development, working on skills to improve myself, hanging out with friends, and drinking tea.

Name two things you do every day. Train and study something to improve myself. I embrace the Japanese mindset of “Kaizen”—constant improvement by 1% every day. I strive to take at least 30 minutes to an hour to do something regularly to improve myself that day.

If you were granted one wish, what would it be? Not having any limiter on my mind and body.

Do you have any good habits? If so, what are they? I rarely miss my workout. If I cannot make it that day, I will postpone it to another day or do it the same day late at night.

Do you have any unique talents? My discipline is on a different level.

What is your greatest fear? Not being able to do what I love and not being able to train.

Youve won the lottery. How would you spend your time? Invest in real estate. Buy land and design my own building, where I live on the top floor with a nice view, have my own boxing gym, and invite my gym buddies to train and spar. The rest of the stories are apartments, so I get some of that passive income.

What life lesson have you learned so far? Comfort is a killer of dreams.

It is your last day on earth. How will you spend your time? Get into some brawls. That would be fun. I wouldn’t worry about getting injured, just having fun fighting.

Favorite movie genre? Anime and Action/Thriller

First pet? Name? Special moments? Ben, a Golden Retriever. I had to be the one to walk him, but I met a couple of cool people in the neighborhood. Plus, walking him when the place was full of snow was nice.

Favorite Netflix binge? Cobra Kai

What is something you do when you are looking to relax? Watch Anime or Movie

Dream destination? USA and Japan

Dream vacation? Japan trip and fight camp in Thailand

What is your least favorite food? Tomatoes

The last book you read? Discipline Equals Freedom by Jocko Willink

Favorite movie? Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King

Who is on your current playlist? Yeat, Playboi Carti, DizzyEight, Daddyphatsnaps, Divide Music, FabvL

Fireplace or bonfire? Fireplace