C.P. and Elizabeth Drewett first met Frank DeBlasi in 2014 through family and friends. After learning the stories behind the amazing “Ballers” recognized by the Baller Dream Foundation, they were “all in” with their support. Drewett Works is honored to be a sponsor of this wonderful organization.

Frank DeBlasi has a story to tell. And it’s not just about his personal journey conquering cancer. It’s also about the children and young adults he has met since his diagnosis and the founding of Baller Dream Foundation.

All of them are fighting their own battles with the deadly disease yet don’t always have the emotional or daily support they need, including the ability to pay for the essentials not covered by insurance.

DeBlasi, who has been cancer-free for more than 15 years, decided he was going to make a difference. In 2019, he started the Baller Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to lift the spirits of children, young adults and their families affected by cancer.

“I don’t have kids of my own, and each one of these Ballers is like a brother or sister to me,” he says. “Baller,” by the way, is a term the organization uses in place of “patient” and describes someone who is “at the top of their game, loving life and feeling well.”

There are so many ways in which BDF provides support to these young warriors. One of the most unique is the parties that the foundation puts on to honor individual Ballers who really are feeling their best.

After sharing their stories, DeBlasi hilariously roasts the honorees as they sit on a giant throne, and they often banter back with him using their own brand of humor. At the end of the night, each is given a very special gift that they get to share with their families, such as a trip to a concert or a place they have always dreamed of visiting.

Drewett Works believes strongly in what BDF is all about and is honored to be a sponsor of this heartfelt organization. To learn more or to make a donation, log on to: ballerdream.org. To learn more about Drewett Works, click here.