Dean Ciofani – Architect in Training

A New York transplant to the Valley of the Sun, Dean moved to Phoenix for the palm trees, sunshine, and his wife Karen.

Armed with a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Buffalo, Dean headed west in 2017 joining Drewett Works as an Architect in Training. Soon after, he and fiance Karen became Mr. and Mrs. with a stunning destination wedding in Barcelona, bringing together families from two continents. (Karen is from Ireland). As exotic as his personal life might read, his professional experience has quickly become foundational to the DW team. Personable and professional, Dean connects quickly with DW clients and parlays relationship into a great customer experience.

Let’s get to know Dean a little better.

You’ve won the lottery. How would you spend your time? Travel, of course. We’d immerse ourselves in the cultures of Spain, Italy, Sicily, Ireland, Singapore, Thailand, Maldives, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Portugal, Germany, Sweden…ok I’ll stop!

Do you have any good habits? My 5 a.m. starts. I accomplish much more between 6-8 a.m. than between 4-6 p.m. I was never a morning person prior to moving West, but I think my biological clock has remained on Eastern Standard Time ever since.

Favorite architect(s)? Ito, Barragan, Fujimoto, Safdie

What aspect of your profession do you enjoy most? Working one on one with our clients and bringing their passion and vision to life.

Dream project? Designing our forever home…if we ever stop moving.

Beach or mountains? Beach

What was your favorite job as a teenager? At age 18, I worked at a local Country Club valeting cars I could only dream of owning at the time. It was a great motivator!

What is your favorite memory? My first date with Karen. She’s Irish, and the second I heard that accent, I was a goner!