Brittany Jones – Architect-in-Training

On the cusp of achieving a goal she’s been working toward her entire adult life, Brittany will soon join the ranks of her fellow registered architects when she passes her sixth and final licensing exam this summer.

This accomplished Arizona native graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in architectural studies with a minor in dance. A few years later, she received her Master’s of Architecture degree from ASU while also serving as a graduate teaching assistant and editor of the ASU Architecture Journal.

After graduation, Brittany began her professional career in commercial architecture focusing on education projects throughout Arizona. During this time, she also taught her own design studios as a faculty associate at ASU. Ready for her next challenge, she joined the Drewett Works team in January 2022.

To learn more about Brittany, read on.

Describe your family. My family are my favorite people. Growing up, we were always extremely close. My parents have been happily married for 37 years and counting. My younger brother started a successful career as a Queen Creek firefighter. And my husband, Jared, rounded out our pack of four to five when we married in January of 2021. He recently left his career in the U.S. Air Force where he proudly served as a captain and is now excelling as the leader of a sales team.

What has been the most influential/life-changing event in your life? Spending a year and a half in Germany. Being that I was born and raised here in Arizona, after I completed my bachelor’s degree I wanted to experience another culture. I ended up in Germany shortly after that. It was a time of major growth, lots of travel and making many German friends that have become family. 

Proudest moment? The day I married my handsome husband!

Favorite movie genre? Comedy … I love a good laugh.

One life lesson you have learned so far? God has a plan.

What is something you do when you are looking to relax? Spend time with family and friends.

What about architecture drew you to the field? I’ve always been drawn to creating space and understanding how people occupy it. I enjoy the mix of the creative and the technical.

Dream vacation? Eating and drinking my way through Italy.

Fireplace or bonfire? Definitely a bonfire.

Beach or mountains? Both!

Anything else we should know? During my undergrad studies, I pursued a minor in dance, which was interesting because dance is the study of the body in space, and architecture is the study of creating space. It was very intriguing to me to get to understand both sides of it and how one impacts the other. It was a nice pairing.