The Gratifying End of an Architecture Journey

//The Gratifying End of an Architecture Journey

The End.

Quite possibly, those are two of the most gratifying words in the English language. To reach the final page of the book. To meet the characters as they are introduced. To follow the plot through twists and turns. To anticipate the outcome. To hold your breath and turn the page. And finally…the journey is complete.

All endeavors on this earth have a beginning and an end and an adventure in between. I had the distinct pleasure of watching this project develop, from the first spark of creativity (during a plane flight from Phoenix to Louisiana) all the way through to construction completion. Here are a few candid photos offering you a peek into the architectural journey.

from the mind of an architect from Drewett Works on Vimeo.

You can learn more about this award-winning modern in Estancia here:

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