David Takeuchi

//David Takeuchi

David Takeuchi, Project Manager

Born and raised in Stockton, CA, David answered the proverbial question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” at a young age.

Everyone has that moment as a child when a grown-up — maybe a parent, grandparent, or teacher — poses the question of future career choices. David’s grandfather posed that question when David was nine years old. His answers? An architect or a dentist. Because of his love for drawing, architecture won out over dentistry.

After graduating from Lincoln High School in Stockton, CA, David eventually found his way to Arizona State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Design and a Master of Architecture with Distinction also serving as a graduate teaching assistant and later, a faculty associate. He and Drewett Works founder C.P. Drewett first met as fellow employees of Vernon Swaback, a Scottsdale architect who was once a student of the well-known architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Let’s get to know David a little better. Here we go.

Favorite architect? Miralles. Zumthor. Ando. It’s kind of like baseball to me. I can watch a game even if it’s two teams that I don’t like.
What are two things you do everyday. Drink a cup [or two] of coffee and tell my wife/kids that I love them.
What is your favorite type of movie? At the moment, anything from the Coen Brothers.
What is your dream project? A large urban museum.
What is your dream getaway? For a while, it was to go to every ballpark. Now, I want to go to every major coastal city.
Favorite music/song/musician when you are relaxing? Natalie Merchant.
Fireplace or bonfire? Fire pit.
Favorite free time activity? Golf with my Mom and Dad.
Beach or mountains? Lake Tahoe – has both!

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