Braden Santarcangelo – Creative to the Core

//Braden Santarcangelo – Creative to the Core

Braden Santarcangelo – Core Creative

From his days as a young boy playing with Legos, this guy has known his destiny…the field of architecture.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh and educated at Miami University of Ohio where he earned a BA in Architecture, Braden packed his bags one day and ventured west to Phoenix, citing the courage to move as one of his greatest accomplishments. Says Santarcangelo, “I packed up my things and drove my car across the country the day after the Steelers won the Super Bowl against the Seahawks…nearly 10 years ago.”

The allure of liaison between dreams and creativity fuels his passion for design. The gratification from the process comes later…when sharing a glass of wine with a client in their new home, recounting the successes and failures during the process, knowing that the people sharing that moment helped him become a better agent, a better designer, and a better person.

And now for the fun part…Q & A with Mr. Santarcangelo.

What is your favorite type of movie? Is Shawshank Redemption a “type”?
Favorite architect? Eero with Mies a close second.
Two things you do every day? Curse at my alarm and kiss my daughter.
What was your first pet? I grew up with dogs, but they were not to be considered pets. They were my father’s seeing eye dogs. Beautiful German Shepherds.
Describe your talents. I’ve always been the creative one in my family, but also the DIY type who is sent in with a red cape to fix whatever it is that is broken. I yearn for projects and “honey-do” lists.
What one life lesson have you learned so far, and what does it mean to you? To have the passion and integrity to persist and to persevere in the pursuit of my life goals.
Assorted interesting tidbits? Love to cook, love to people-watch with a cafe latte in hand, obsessed with Criminal Minds, am a perfectionist, and an eternal optimist.

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